About Us

St Helens Rota is a ‘’Not for Profit Company’’ and has provided the GP Out of Hours Services to the residents of St Helens and part of Knowsley for some 35 years. We cover a patient population of approx. 206,000 and 40 GP practices.  We constantly monitor our service by a variety of measures – patient satisfaction surveys and performance against the Department of Health’s National Quality Requirements.

The 34 GP practices in St Helens and 4 in Knowsley opted to provide their own out of hours service when the current GP contract came into being. They do this through their own co-operative – St Helens Rota. St Helens Rota has a Service Level Agreement with each of its member GP practices. This agreement lays out the terms and conditions under which St Helens Rota undertakes to provide an out of hours GP service. We are based at Albion Street Clinic which was purchased to provide the out of hours service in 2011. The 1st class facilities at Albion Street clinic include a large, comfortable waiting room, 3 state of the art consulting rooms and a control room which includes the call centre and reception.

As well as providing a GP out of hours service we provide a number of other services during the normal working week time including:

  • The Acute Visiting Service
  • Daily Childrens Clinics
  • Single Point of Access for Health Professionals for urgent care
  • GP Admissions
  • Call Handling for District Nurses and Dental services

We strive to support the needs of our patients by :

  • Providing a modern, innovative and high quality local service
  • Providing care and treatment in the most appropriate location and without any unnecessary delay
  • Treating people with respect and involving them in their care
  • Caring for people safely and protecting them from harm

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